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Annapurna Board Game 2nd Edition - 3 copies

Annapurna Board Game 2nd Edition - 3 copies


The Annapurna Board Game 2nd Edition is a unique and challenging board game for up to four players. Players take on the role of climbers attempting to reach the summit of the Annapurna mountain. This exciting game requires strategy, planning, and luck. During the game you must be careful to balance your yin and yang. This is easier said than done because Yetis and rock slides may be in your path. ​Annapurna becomes more engaging the more you play and can be as competitive as your group desires.

Each climb takes about 20 minutes once you learn the game. 1-4 players ages 12+.


The Annapurna 2nd Edition comes with four rulebooks: The new Team and Solo plus the original Cooperative and Competitive. Now with four modes of play (Competitive, Cooperative, Team and Solo)! you have four ways to master the mountain.


With three copies you've got a dragon's hoard! Give one to Uncle Anselm, Auntie Agnes, and Uncle Ichabod. Whatever you do with them, I hope you enjoy.

  • Contents Include

    Each copy of Annapurna 2nd Edition with the following components:

    • Four suits of eighteen mountain cards
    • Eighteen Flag cards
    • Four Meeples plus stickers for customizing
    • Three peak tokens
    • Baggies for cards
    • Competitive Rulebook
    • Cooperative Rulebook
    • Solo Rulebook - NEW!
    • Teams Rulebook - NEW!
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