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About Fiat Lucre

and Annapurna

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Becca of Fiat Lucre working on Annapurna

Innovative Games.

Fair Value.

Fiat Lucre was formed to support innovative game design that could both be marketed at a fair price while still supporting the design team.


 Our first game is Annapurna: Leave No Trace Behind, from Rebecca Horovitz, a talented artist and game designer from New Jersey.  Annapurna has been introduced at board game conventions, both live and virtual, around the US starting with Metatopia 2019 and continuing through the GenCon 2020 online.


We launched the Annapurna Kickstarter campaign in October of 2020.  It was funded in just six days - a remarkable feat for a new game by a new designer from a new company.


Since Covid-19 prevented the addition of many of the stretch goals that could not be tested, we decided to introduce a stretch goal that benefited a charitable activity in Nepal.  Becca found a wonderful company called Ganesh Himal Trading that imports goods produced by cottage industry in Nepal.  We pledged to purchase $200 in knit socks and gloves from Nepalese artisans and to donate them to homeless shelters in the US. 


So far the first stretch goal was reached, and the second is only $100 away as of this writing.

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