Calling All Annapurna Reviewers


We're hosting an Annapurna tournament just for our reviewers.


The prize: $500 split between the winner and their favorite charity.

Upcoming Events
Reviewer's Climb for Charity
Fri, Jul 31
Gen Con Online 2020
Jul 31, 1:00 PM EDT
Gen Con Online 2020
16 contestants climb for the prize: $500 split between the winner and their favorite charity.

 About Annapurna

Annapurna is a mountain climbing game that combines strategy and tactics.  During the game you must be careful to balance your yin and yang so that you leave no trace behind.

This is easier said than done because Yetis and rockslides may be in your path.  

The game becomes richer the more you play because it combines a perfect balance between agency and chance.   Each climb takes about 20 minutes once you learn, and there are 3 climbs to each expedition.

2-4 players.  Play Competitive or Cooperative.

Portable.  Family friendly.  Great for any game night.



The base game includes:

  • four sets of 18 mountain cards with exclusive art from designer Becca Horovitz

  • one deck of flag cards for keeping score

  • four colored meeples

  • one rulebook for competitive play

  • one rulebook for cooperative play

Kickstarter expansions and stretch goals will include:

  • travel pack made of environmentally friendly cotton/linen

  • weather cards for more challenging play

  • two more suits for six person play

  • timer to limit your oxygen

  • coloring book of mandalas from the mountain cards

  • individual meeples for sherpa, expedition leader, expedition photographer, and 


Kickstarter Coming!

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About Fiat Lucre

Fiat Lucre was formed to support innovative game design.  Our first game is Annapurna from Rebecca Horovitz, a talented artist and game designer from New Jersey.  Annapurna is now being introduced at board game conventions around the US.  We hope to have enough support to launch a Kickstarter campaign by Fall 2020.


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