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We now offer custom printed Annapurna playmats, with places for your mountain cards, your meeple, cache, backpack, and flag cards.  We ordered the playmats from our amazing manufacturer BODA. They are currently in Indiana and should arrive soon.

Pre-Order Today!


We've got canvas Annapurna travel pouches that fit the entire game

(minus rule books) so you can take the mountain with you!

Get yours at our store when you buy a copy of the game or playmats. 

We will be selling playmats and travel pouches at conventions soon!

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GAMA April 24-28

Origins May 21-25

World Board Gaming Championships July 22-30

World Boardgaming Championships Annapurna Tournament July 26-28

Stolen Con August 6

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Wanted: Ratings and Reviews!

Fiat Lucre is a very small publisher.  So we grow when people helps get the word out about Annapurna.  So you can help by reviewing and rating our game on our Board Game Geek page. This helps us compete with bigger publishers by letting stores know people out there are interested in Annapurna.

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About Annapurna 2nd Edition


Annapurna is a different kind of strategy game for between 1-4 players. You'll need tactics with a touch of luck to master this mountain. 

During the game you must balance your yin and yang

so that you leave no trace behind.

This is easier said than done because 

Yetis and rock slides may be in your path.  

The game becomes more engaging the more you play 

and it can be as competitive as your group wants it to be.

Great for family fun, and perfect for game nights.

The second edition of Annapurna, adds a Solo Rulebook and a Teams Rulebook, to updated Cooperative rules, and the ever popular Competitive mode.


(Oh and hey we made the baggies for the cards just a teeny bit bigger so the cards are easier to put away.)


The Annapurna 2nd Edition includes:

  • four sets of 18 mountain cards 

  • one deck of flag cards for keeping score

  • four colored meeples with stickers for customizing them

  • three peak tokens

  • Competitive rulebook

  • Cooperative rulebook 

  • Teams rulebook  - NEW!

  • Solo rulebook  - NEW!


Also Available:

  • Travel pack made of canvas

  • Custom playmats with spaces for cards, meeple, tokens


In the Works​

  • coloring book of mandalas from the mountain cards

  • weather cards for more challenging play

  • two more suits for six person play

  • timer to limit your oxygen

game image 2nd edition spread out.jpg

See The Game In Action!

How To Play

How To Play

How To Play
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